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Hotel Suite

If you still can't decide if you will get a hotel suite or a bed-and-breakfast room, keep reading to make an informed decision. Below is a comparison of a hotel suite and a bed-and-breakfast room (B&B room) in terms of their prices, payment systems, appearances and allowed duration of use. In addition, the location and the services offered in hotels and bed-and-breakfasts are assessed below.

Hotel suite v. B&B room: price and payment system

Of course, a hotel suite is more expensive than a bed-and-breakfast room. If you do not mind splurging on accommodations, rather get a hotel suite. Not only do you get a luxurious room, but you also get a lovely view of the city or area where the hotel is located.

In terms of payment system, you pay for a hotel suite on a daily basis. Fees are charged based on a check-in and check-out time; you also pay for the extra hours you used the hotel suite. In bed-and-breakfasts, the payment system is flexible. Although many owners of bed-and-breakfasts require daily payments, you can request for combination of daily and hourly rates.

Hotel suite v. B&B room: appearance

A hotel suite looks professional and formal and is located within a building. Also, the interior design of a hotel suite is the same with other hotel rooms. Bed-and-breakfast rooms, on the other hand, look more homey and cozy. The rooms are also found inside a house and have a theme based on that of the entire home. If you prefer a smooth and polished look in a room, get a hotel suite. But if you want the comfort of home while on vacation, book at a bed-and-breakfast.

Hotel suite v. B&B room: duration of guests' stay

Although many upper-class professionals such s doctors and lawyers can afford to stay in a hotel suite for longer periods, many people, especially tourists and business travelers use a hotel suite for just a few days. If you plan to have a very long vacation, you will save money by staying in a bed-and-breakfast. There, your breakfasts are already included in the daily rates.

Hotel suite v. B&B room: services

There are often more services provided to people who use a hotel suite. They can get room service in a hotel suite, ask the hotel concierge to get them tickets or seats to plays, movie houses and restaurants and use hotel vehicles to tour a city. But in bed-and-breakfasts, there are fewer services. Although many bed-and-breakfasts offer car rentals, there are usually no pools, concierge services and room services. Unless you don't mind having limited staff assistance on your vacation, get yourself a hotel suite.